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Prospect Property & Estate Lawyers is a specialised mobile lawyer practice servicing the Sydney area. The firm has extensive experience that includes but is not limited to Wills and Estate planning, Conveyancing and property related matters.

Whether you can't leave the home because of mobility issues, a parent taking care of your children, a shift worker or just too busy, Prospect Property & Estate Lawyers will provide you with affordable and expert legal services suited to your individual circumstances, right to your home, business, care facility or even your local cafe.

We are there to help and will take you step by step through the process, provide clarity, and advise you in an easy to understand language, empowering you to make the best decision you can to protect you, your family and your future.


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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Appointments of Enduring Guardians
We prepare basic and complex wills and estate planning essentials such as Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardians as well as legal guardians for minors and more. From extensive estate planning to quick urgent wills we are there to assist.
Whether you are buying or selling your first home or investing in an off-the-plan strata purchase or sale we can assist with all conveyancing needs from simple transactions to detailed property matters.
Deceased Estates
The loss of a family member or friend can be a difficult time. Prospect Property & Estate Lawyers will assist you with all estate needs from funeral arrangements, preparing for Probate or Letters of Administration, administration of the estate (including sale of property, businesses, leases etc) and distribution to beneficiaries and everything in between.
Need legal advice or assistance with a property related matter, such as neighbouring disputes, caveats, easements, transfers and other minor issues then contact us today.
Contested Estates, family provision and incorrectly made Wills
In some situations a Will wasn't quite made correctly or there are multiple wills made by a deceased relative and the judicial system is required to make a decision. Other times, a family member may feel they have been unjustly provided for in a Will. At Prospect Property & Estate Lawyers we can represent you in a range of applications before the law Courts.
Thinking of buying or starting a small business? Or perhaps franchising an existing outlet? We can assist with all sales and purchases, leases, licensing requirements and more.


The Principal Solicitor, Lisa Hanna, has many years of experience as a generalist lawyer with extensive experience primarily in wills and estates as well as conveyancing and property.  Lisa was admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in 2010 and since then has dealt with complex estate matters, estate planning and a variety of residential, commercial, retail and strata property transactions.  Lisa has a warm and friendly approach to clients and is strongly focused on providing sound advice and services whilst being available as a mobile solicitor.




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